transposition 441
©2023 Sascha Mikloweit & VG Bild-Kunst, Photo: Manuel Pandalis
transposition 441 (Black No More, MMdUB Version)
Sascha Mikloweit
Mineralogical Museum University Bonn, Germany
Sculptural Intervention
Systemic Collection, Mineralogical Museum University Bonn; Collection Object #50215 (location: Exhibition hall 1, 30/top); Object Labels early 1900s to 2022; Black Velvet
28 x 40 x 32 cm
Veiled collection object number 50215 from the Tsumeb Mine (Namibia) with its three museal archive labels. The oldest (left) dating approximately from the early 1900s, center 1950s, and right 2022. Number 50215 is on its initial label marked as originating from “DSW” (Deutsch-Südwestafrika, German South West Africa) the historical german term—1884 to 1915—for their former colonial territories which now is Namibia. The Object is part of a collection accumulated by german industrialist and IG Farben founder Friedrich Carl Duisberg (1861-1935). The segment of the Duisberg Collection is housed by the Mineralogical Museum University Bonn on a permanent loan contract with the Beyer AG since April 1954.